Rethink Vulnerability Management

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v4.1 Released

Since our last version came out, we have dedicated ourselves to redesign our vulnerability panel for enhanced visualization. Now, you can tag vulns when importing them and identify them easily and fast. Plus, we added a specific risk score for every vuln that can be seen in the CVSS risk information.

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AWS Common Issues – Part 2

Pentesters use a comprehensive and complete toolkit to expose different platforms and evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure. They safely try to exploit vulnerabilities and are experts at reporting failures, data leakage, or other vulnerabilities.
In this post, we present these tools and the several ways they can be applied.

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Cybersecurity is a secondary objective

A rapidly growing business must choose where to locate its budget. They may continue developing their best product, perform a stronger marketing campaign to continue growing, or reduce the probability of data breaches

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Continuous testing, continuous security

Cybersecurity as a constant race, in which attackers and defenders are always trying to innovate and adapt to new situations. When systems change, attackers find new ways to break them. We see attackers becoming much more agile, intrusive and relentless while we build better and stronger defenses. Our goal is to be one step ahead. %

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Password strength

Passwords are the first aspect of computer security we think about (and for plenty of people, the only one). They are the first approach for most of us in cybersecurity: our first CTF challenges, brute force attacks on wifi connections, cryptography lessons about hash validations and more — they all revolve around them.

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Understanding Spring4Shell

According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, nearly two-thirds of the global population will have Internet access by 2023. The number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the number of people in the world. The consumer segment will have a nearly three-fourths share of total devices and connections. Moreover, IoT devices will account for 50 percent of all networked devices, and about a third will be wireless.

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