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Release v5.3.2

The redesigned user interface (UI) introduces a more fluid, intuitive, and predictable user experience by minimizing manual tasks and enabling efficient cross-referencing of information.
The UI provides a visually pleasing user journey and navigation experience within and across workspaces. While navigating, users can now get full visualization of their current location.

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Good practices in Cybersecurity – Part 3

Good security practices go hand in hand with automation, integration, and collaboration. As dynamic as the threat landscape is, so must our strategy be. With over 26 thousand vulnerabilities reported last year, it’s now more important than ever to shift security from left to right, and then everywhere.

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Ten years of cybersecurity, a lifetime of hacking.

Faraday was born from the fusion of entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to break staffs. These elements naturally emerged in Federico Kirschbaum and Francisco Amato, two friends, crazy for IT, curious by nature, and the founders of this comprehensive cybersecurity project. What later became a company started as a series of on-demand jobs for individual clients. Gradually, Fede and Fran began to leave their full-time jobs, taking on more penetration testing projects, hiring people, and seeking new clients.

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Release v5.2.0

Welcome to another great version of Faraday. This time, we introduce new methods to make your workflow even more seamless. Plus, we've added many other new agents and enhanced plugins to ensure you never have to leave our platform, effortlessly parsing data and incorporating it within our system.

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Good practices in Cybersecurity – Part 2

Nowadays, we can distinguish various branches within a security team Red Teams, Blue Teams, Purple Teams & Bug Hunters.
But what does each team do?
This difference in colors, adding a new category related to bug bounty, makes us think about common tasks that all these approaches can have within a company; and the truth is, they have a lot. First, let's talk about the definition of each one.

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Release v5.1.1

For our corporate clients, we've upgraded our notification feature. Previously, you had a basic notification setup based only on the System, but now there's an “Advanced” notification in place. An easy-to-use system designed to keep you ahead of significant changes in your vulnerability status or to be notified when changes should be made to certain vulnerabilities. For instance, users can receive notifications when the vulnerability risk score exceeds the desired level or when critical vulnerabilities don't meet the SLA.

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