faradaysecBy faradaysec|April 9, 2024|5 Minutes

Ten years of cybersecurity, a lifetime of hacking.

On the 10th anniversary of our company, we’d love to tell you a little bit about us, our values, our people, and our products and services. Welcome to our 10 years of cybersecurity and a lifetime of hacking.

Faraday was born from the fusion of entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to break staffs. These elements naturally emerged in Federico Kirschbaum and Francisco Amato, two friends, crazy for IT, curious by nature, and the founders of this comprehensive cybersecurity project. What later became a company started as a series of on-demand jobs for individual clients. Gradually, Fede and Fran began to leave their full-time jobs, taking on more penetration testing projects, hiring people, and seeking new clients.

The turning point came when they created their own tool for delivering reports. This rudimentary platform provided a clear overview of vulnerabilities and risks, attracting early adopters and interested clients.

From the beginning, the platform is open source. The tool captured the attention of both security experts and Kali Linux, who included it in their solutions, thus reaching the hacking community.

For our founders, sharing and learning from the community is part of hacker culture. Our partners organized Jam Security sessions, Hackathons, Spoon coding, and many other events where information and knowledge flowed freely. With that same spirit, they start Ekoparty together with Leo Pigner, Jerónimo Basaldúa y Juan Pablo Borna. Being the biggest hacking conference in Latinamerica. 

Through the development of tools like Evilgrade and various research projects, they began making their way at international cybersecurity conferences such as DefCon and Black Hat.

The two partners connected seamlessly with the entire ecosystem. While they were entrepreneurs, working on Ekoparty, and conducting research, they also became pioneers and leaders in cybersecurity for Latin America. Open source, community engagement, and a stable research team remain core commitments to this day.

Word of mouth was also crucial for gaining clients and building trust to conduct all kinds of tests, including hardware hacking—literally breaking a bank’s ATM. Their first major clients were Red Link and Mercado Libre. With Mercado Libre, Martin Tartarelli, who is now a partner and leads operations at Faraday, joined the team. He was a key figure in Faraday’s origins. The three of them were acutely aware of each other’s capabilities and contributions, dividing tasks, enhancing each other’s strengths, and growing.

In the words of Federico K, Faraday is the realized project of “creating a company where I would always have wanted to work.” It is a company many wish to join because of its high level of innovation in security and the talented people involved.

Today, Faraday offers a wide range of services to help companies thrive in an increasingly secure environment within a complex and hyperconnected paradigm. Our platform is an all-in-one tool that optimizes the vulnerability management process, making it more accessible, agile, scalable, and efficient. It is also highly customizable and capable of integrating with countless tools.

Another key component of the company is the research team, which appears at almost every international cybersecurity conference with their world-class investigations. Moreover, the offensive security service team solves specific and on-demand problems with a highly skilled team of professional pentesters.

As an offensive security company rooted in an open-source philosophy, we’ve drawn inspiration from our team’s expertise, combining our research team, Red team services, and Vulnerability Management Platform. This special edition commemorates 10 years of cybersecurity and a lifetime of hacking.

This is not just a success story; it is a story of people doing what they love. And at Faraday, we do cybersecurity.