faradaysecBy faradaysec|June 13, 2024|3 Minutes

Release v5.3.2

Welcome to Faraday v5.3.2!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of our All-in-one Risk vulnerability management platform. We have redesigned our interface architecture for a new user journey, and we added new report functionalities and new agents, among others.


New navigation experience

The new version is currently Beta, so users can go back and forward to the previous version. And we encourage all users to leave their feedback. This collaborative approach allows us for a more user-centric development process.

The redesigned user interface (UI) introduces a more fluid, intuitive, and predictable user experience by minimizing manual tasks and enabling efficient cross-referencing of information

The UI provides a visually pleasing user journey and navigation experience within and across workspaces. While navigating, users can now get full visualization of their current location.

Now you have direct access to Reports, Planner, and Analytics without entering a workspace, allowing for cross-workspace reporting and providing a comprehensive overview of the status and updates.

Plus, you gain visibility of all workspaces, assets, vulnerabilities, and services. Now, If you wish to add a vulnerability or asset, you can do it without clicking on any specific workspace.

Less clicks, same results.

Pentesters access to Agents

 Pentester users now have access to run agents, expanding their tool set for comprehensive security assessments.

Multi workspace reports

Welcome to a new way of customizing your executive reports. Now you can create them based on multiple workspaces vulnerabilities.

New Agents

Bug fixing

– Fixing issues with exporting large amounts of vulnerabilities into CSV files.
– Ensuring analytics function correctly when workspaces become inactive.
– Removing unnecessary notifications for a cleaner user experience.
– Handling UTF-8 character names in executive reports accurately.
–  Minor fixes in ticketing tool integrations, LDAP configuration, and plugins.


See you next time!



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