faradaysecBy faradaysec|March 27, 2024|3 Minutes

Release v5.2.0

Welcome to another Faraday version!

Introducing our latest update for our Risk vulnerability management tool. This time we’ve implemented new methods to further streamline your workflow, along with additional agents and enhanced plugins. These additions ensure smoother integration into your development process or existing security workflow, effortlessly parsing and incorporating data within our system.


New agents and plugins

From the beginning, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the security community and with every release, we continue to introduce new agents to enhance your workflow and seamlessly parse your files into the Faraday platform.

We have enhanced the SonarQube, Nessus, and Dependabot agents. Additionally, we’ve introduced two new agents: Github CodeQL and Github Secret Scanning.

New UI flows to activate and deactivate integrations

Now, users have the flexibility to activate available integrations according to their preferences. From this panel, you can configure them and review roles and permissions. Once you save the integration, it becomes the one you’ll utilize in the vulnerability dashboard, noticeably displayed in bold for easy identification.

All users can now change their email account configurations from Preferences

Empower all users to personalize their email preferences, and unlock the added convenience of receiving notifications directly in their inbox.

Change long numbers into abbreviations

Now we have K for thousands, M for millions, and B for billions.

Enjoy a new view of the amount of vulnerabilities in your dashboard.

Pagination for notifications

Markdown available for all report text fields

Elevate the quality of your reports by incorporating enriched text using our new markdown feature. Transform your reports with enhanced formatting options, ensuring clarity.

See you next time!



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