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Cybersecurity in the Blockchain and Web3 by Federico Kirschbaum

Our CEO Federico Kirschbaum participated as a moderator in the “Cybersecurity” panel at Ethereum Argentina, alongside Pablo G. Sabbatella, Santiago Di Paolo, Sergio Demian Lerner, and Sebastian Raul Wain.
He was in charge of joining the conversation of one of the hottest topics in the crypto world.
See the video of the talk

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Release v4.5.2

We're delighted to present to you our newest release, version 4.5.0, along with essential updates 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. This update brings with it an array of compelling improvements, and performance boosts, that will enhance your experienc

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Bugs and working from home, an interview with Federico Kirschbaum

The research states that the team was "seeking and reporting security vulnerabilities in IoT devices, which led to the finding of an exploitable bug in a consumer-grade router popular in Argentina." They also stated in the research that it was escalating quickly and shares about how protecting home networks is important while working remotely.

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Bypassing certificate pinning with Gabriel Franco

Many apps implement a security feature called Certificate Pinning, creating some problems when trying to intercept the traffic between the application and the server. Today, we’ll cover the basics about that and give some examples of how to bypass it using an Android mobile.

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Our founder Francisco Amato in Sepa’s night

Our CRO Francisco Amato was part of Sepa's Night. Watch the streaming!

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Our CEO Federico Kirschbaum at Buenos Aires City Legislature

After a cyber-attack on Buenos Aires City Legislature's infrastructure in 2022, they decided to take a greater step toward cybersecurity awareness. They organized a meetup with our CEO Federico Kirschbaum and Defy Education founder Pablo G. Sabbatella.
This showcases their willingness and commitment to the security and privacy standards, a mission that is also very dear to us.

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