faradaysecBy faradaysec|August 24, 2023|2 Minutes

Release v4.5.2

We’re delighted to present our newest release, version 4.5.0, along with essential updates 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. These update bring with it an array of compelling improvements, and performance boosts, that will enhance your experience.

User Experience and Scheduling with Timezone Integration

As usual, we have worked hard to enhance the User Experience for Pipeline and Jobs. We have implemented some minor changes to ensure that your tasks proceed more smoothly and intuitively. Additionally, we have integrated timezone functionality, enabling you to schedule agents with precision, regardless of your location.

Flexible Jira configuration

We’ve taken steps to provide you with greater control over your Jira Configuration. You can now easily retrieve the list of Jira users using either their email addresses or Jira usernames in your preferences. Moreover, you can seamlessly associate vulnerabilities with your integration, utilizing either email or Jira usernames. It’s as simple as:

1- Click on your user avatar and choose preferences

2- Go to ticketing tools and select Jira

3- At the “Assign user” field, complete with username or user email.

4- Click on plus

5- Save and go to your dashboard, simply add the Jira user and send it. 

Check out our documentation for more information

Speeding up the process

We made a big jump in performance by speeding up our search bar. A workspace with a mass quantity of assets now retrieves its results faster. 

Empowering Scans with HCL Appscan Executer

In a groundbreaking move, we’ve expanded your capabilities by adding the HCL Appscan executer to the Faraday-Dispatcher lineup. Now you can work and execute commands directly from our platform. 


Upgrade your experience today with version 4.5.2 and its accompanying hotfixes, you will have the latest innovations at your fingertips.

Stay secure and stay ahead,