faradaysecBy faradaysec|January 12, 2023|2 Minutes

Release v4.3.2

Announcing updates to our vuln management platform

We started 2023 with fresh and new fixes. One of the most awaited features in this release is the “Trending” category to the enrichment field to help you perform a much more accurate risk score. The trending field indicates the pulse of what is being widely mentioned or discussed. This filter will give you information of the vulnerabilities that are in the public eye and attracting attention. Whether or not you consider this variable, we offer a complete map of your security posture. 

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[ADD] Workspace api stats refactor 
[ADD] Total risk average and counters of vulnerabilities that have their risk below/above average. #7382
[FIX] Risk calculation execution inside vulnerabilities pipeline. #7387
[ADD] Use of the `trending` enrichment field to tag vulnerabilities and also calculate risk. #7388
[FIX] Change column type of advanced field in executive reports
[FIX] Fix memory use when generating executive reports
[MOD] Modify empty fields comparison criteria in Executive Reports
[FIX] Bug in columns width of manage when grouping. #1806.
[ADD] Download button in evidence. #1815.
[ADD] Implement bulk delete on host/assets. #1851.
[FIX] Get users list in modal of workspace creation. #1852.
[FIX] Bug in open edit asset when edit icon is clicked. #1908.
[MOD] Input search component so that it can be reusable in analytics.
[FIX] Bug in input search component when assigning users/tasks/templates and adding keyboard navigation. #1922.
[FIX] Fix overflow in modal of workspace creation. #1931.
[FIX] Fix empty user list in modal of workspace creation. #1932.
[FIX] Fix select all issues. #1945
[MOD] Replace values in the average risk score graph with data from the endpoint. #1950.

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