faradaysecBy faradaysec|October 3, 2023|2 Minutes

Release v4.6.0

Exciting New Features, Improvements, and Bug Fixes in Our Latest Release.

We are thrilled to introduce Faraday v4.6.0. In this release, we’ve significantly added improvements to our pipeline section performance and introduced new tools useful for DevOps and security professionals, helping them identify security and compliance issues within their code earlier in the development process.

But the biggest change comes with the implementation of notifications. They are designed to keep all users informed about any changes in the workspace to which they are assigned. This is a substantial leap forward in enhancing the usability of our platform


This feature provides visibility into Faraday’s data and functionality within the Slack environment and in your inbox. This can help security teams stay informed about ongoing assessments, vulnerabilities, and progress in real-time. This versatile feature is cross-licensed and fully customizable, offering a tailored experience for all users. It’s time to keep your team in the loop!

Faraday plugins

Our plugins are an essential part of our ecosystem, and we’ve been busy enhancing and expanding them:

AppScan Plugin: We’ve addressed bugs for smoother performance.

Naabu Plugin: Updated to the latest version for improved functionality.

Semgrep Plugin: Now creates a new service for each vulnerability.

Arachni Plugin: Bug fixes have been applied, especially when dealing th reports that have no vulnerabilities.

New Plugins: We’re excited to introduce Terrascan and TFSec plugins, enhancing our support for a wider range of security tools.

Incorporating these new enhancements will keep your team connected with the latest changes. Now you can scan and prioritize vulnerabilities but also empower your team, enhancing their efficiency and making the most of their resources.

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