faradaysecBy faradaysec|June 15, 2023|3 Minutes

Release v4.4.0

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of our platform, packed with exciting advancements and improvements.

In the agent’s stepper, we have expanded your options by adding seven extra tools that you can now choose directly from the UI. Previously, you had to activate them using the API, but now they are available in our user-friendly wizard.

Furthermore, by request of our users, we have implemented the ability to name workspaces using “Capital Letters”. This small but significant tweak gives you greater flexibility in organizing your work.

And that’s not all. We introduce a custom extension of the ServiceNow integration. With this update, our platform integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow, supporting the Incidents and Application Vulnerable Items tables. By tailoring this integration, we empower users to streamline their vulnerability response.

Now, we’ll talk about custom templates. Our latest release allows you to upload templates and customize them to your heart’s content. From colors to typography to structure, you are in complete control. With ease, speed, and straightforwardness, you’ll transform how you work on our templates.

We also worked on incorporating the SARIF plugin.

Here are the details:

New features:

– Agents: 7 security tools added for agents creation. Configuration of each of the too now fetch parameters dynamically and the user can easily identify mandatory from optional.

– Workspace names with capital letters can be created.

– New section in the vulnerability details to operate with the issue tracker; for sending to the integration, view the external links and remove them from the vulnerability details.

– Integrations: Extension of the Servicenow integration for using both Incidents and Application Vulnerable Items tables

– Executive Reports: Custom templates can be validated, tested and uploaded to Faraday for using them to report generation.


– Searchs for CVE and TAGs become more intuitive with the operators is one of and is not one of

– Better alignments and text fields sizes on manual creation of vulnerabilities

– Clearer message when license limit has been reached during a vulnerabilities file import.

– Improvements on report views to identify mandatory fields and better error handling messages.

Bug Fixing:

– Several bug fixes with impact on better performance cross application.


– New Sarif plugin

Check out our changelog

Upgrade to the latest release now and experience these enhancements firsthand. Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge platform and take your productivity to new heights.