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Our team’s vulnerabilities disclosures 2022

We devote time to reporting vulnerabilities in open-source projects we use every day, but our interests are also linked with IoT, pervasive products that are part of our life. So far, so long, these are the CVEs we reported this year.

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Our team’s vulnerability disclosures 2021

Pentesters use a comprehensive and complete toolkit to expose different platforms and evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure. They safely try to exploit vulnerabilities and are experts at reporting failures, data leakage, or other vulnerabilities.
In this post, we present these tools and the several ways they can be applied.

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Released: Open Source Penetration Testing and VM Platform

A complete tool for pentesters, security experts, devsecops. To integrate there day to day scans and tasks. Avoid manual tasks. Expose different platforms and evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure.

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Securing open source software (Part 2)

Open-source software increases its presence in data centers, consumer devices, and applications; also, its community continues to grow. Despite the code being available, memory safety issues persist in popular software. Our research team started a new quest to find and report vulnerabilities in the open-source projects we use every day. This is the second part of that job, where they share with us the strategy they used to find these bugs: coverage guided fuzzing.

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