faradaysecBy faradaysec|August 23, 2023|3 Minutes

Las Vegas 2023 recap

Another Las Vegas season has passed, and it’s been a blast! We met some awesome folks, clients, and pentesters rocked the house at Black Hat Arsenal and DefCon Hardware hacking Village conferences, our team rocked both events, and the Get-together was lots of fun.

Here are the highlights from our Las Vegas journey:

Our Head of Research Javier Aguinaga and Head of Security Services Gabriel Franco introduced EmploLeaks at Black Hat Arsenal. The tool already has 250 stars on Git Hub!

It streamlines the collection of employee information for a company. It leverages LinkedIn integration to identify personal emails (non-corporate) and checks if the user’s passwords have been publicly exposed in any data breaches.

Learn more about it and read the coverage of the event on media news.

Our CRO and Co-Founder, Francisco Amato, also made a presence in Black Hat by showcasing Faraday as an open-source vulnerability management tool. For over a decade, it has empowered security testers worldwide, allowing them to efficiently manage and monitor their entire penetration testing process, from initial reconnaissance to comprehensive reporting. 

Take a look!

Our Head of Research Javier Aguinaga and Sr. Researcher Octavio Gianatiempo rocked DefCon with their discovery, “Sadprotocol Takes on Hollywood: Exploiting IP Cameras Like in the Movies.” They showed how attackers can alter video feeds without detection, mirroring the plot of “Ocean’s Eleven” but operating over LAN, no cable fuss. Don’t miss their project slides!

Read the full article on media news

After intense conference days, we gathered with friends and colleagues at Fuel Bar, continuing our yearly tradition of celebration where the attendees confirmed the success of our “Get together” (if you know what it means). We organized it with Ekoparty (the largest security conference in Latin America and ranked 5th globally), where our CEO, Federico Kirschbaum, and CRO, Francisco Amato, are both co-founders of the event.

For a brief span, we escaped the hectic rhythm that Las Vegas presents. Our community fostered a relaxed atmosphere filled with drinks, reunions, and shared anecdotes. A special thanks to the ones that came to Fuel bar!

See you next year!