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Faraday at Ekoparty 2023

Cybersecurity is a large group of people working to make the world a safer place. At Faraday, we are motivated to develop and work on solutions that add value to the community and assist companies and cybersecurity professionals. But most importantly, we take pride in forming relationships and, together with Ekoparty, being part of this story.

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Meet Faraday at Ekoparty in Buenos Aires.

Bienvenidos a otro año más con Faraday en la fiesta más grande de Latinoamérica, Ekoparty!

Desde hace 9 años somos parte de esta conferencia de hackers y apasionados de la ciberseguridad. Nuestros socios fundadores Fede Kirschbaum y Francisco Amato son también los creadores de este evento que reúne anualmente a más de 1000 nerds de la ciberseguridad y el pentesting.

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Faraday goes to Mind The Sec in São Pablo

Our Ssr. Researcher, Octavio Gianatiempo, presented his research on the vulnerability that affected thousands of top-selling routers in Latin America at Mind The Sec ⚡

You can read the full presentation here.

Plus, our CRO Francisco Amato was leading many meeting with Brazilian companies and fellow pentesters. 

It was an amazing chance to connect with the Brazilian pentesting community, share our work, and have an amazing time in São Pablo.

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A three-hour session about hacking by our CEO, Federico Kirschbaum

It's true that cybersecurity is primarily something developed by governments and large, regulated companies. If these entities with vast resources, hefty budgets, and seniority still experience breaches, what's left for the rest of us?
Whether it's a company with 10,000 employees or one with just five, they both face exactly the same attack.

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Cybersecurity in the Blockchain and Web3 by Federico Kirschbaum

Our CEO Federico Kirschbaum participated as a moderator in the “Cybersecurity” panel at Ethereum Argentina, alongside Pablo G. Sabbatella, Santiago Di Paolo, Sergio Demian Lerner, and Sebastian Raul Wain.
He was in charge of joining the conversation of one of the hottest topics in the crypto world.
See the video of the talk

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Prioritization by our COO Martin Tartarelli

In his own words, Martin stated, “Attempting to address all critical vulnerabilities is a mistake, especially for large companies. Are they all equally critical? It's crucial to assess the context within vulnerability management platforms to prioritize effectively.”

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