faradaysecBy faradaysec|January 5, 2024|2 Minutes

Release v5.0.0

Welcome to another Faraday version!

We understand that security is your top priority, and it is our obsession to protect all your digital assets and footprints. However, we recognize that time is equally valuable. It’s with pride that we introduce a significant performance enhancement for our users.


Performance improvements

Now, our platform processes substantial volumes of vulnerabilities and delivers them within seconds to your dashboard. Our performance is now enriched by Redis and Celery, allowing our users to upload massive vulnerabilities files at high speed.

Our platform works in multiple levels to let you work in multiple levels as well.

Now, you can efficiently upload files larger than 100 MB within significantly reduced timeframes, marking an impressive 10x performance boost. We took scalability to the next level.

Integrations: We’ve expanded our toolkit by incorporating four new supported tools into our stack. Let’s welcome PopEye, Ping Castle, Kubescape, and Inspector aboard! Most of these tools contribute to optimizing your Cloud Security, much like Trivy and Qualysguard, just to name a couple from our supported tools.

Check out the live session with our Product Owner, Gisela Giusti, and our Sales Engineer, Octavio Boggiano, for more details about this release.

What does our roadmap look like for the next few months? With the comprehensive enhancement in our performance and the underlying architecture supporting these changes, we’re now positioned to link our platform to ElasticSearch, introduce advanced notifications, and implement arbitrary aggregations. Additionally, we’re actively pursuing bidirectional integration for our Issue trackers (Jira/GitLab/ServiceNow) and expanding our wizard’s capabilities by adding more cloud agents.


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If you have any questions, please let us know. Our support team will assist you support@faradaysec.com