faradaysecBy faradaysec|December 19, 2023|3 Minutes

Farewell 2023

You know the feeling when you feel happy, renewed, and full of energy?

That’s how this end of the year feels. We’re not gonna lie; it has been tiring, busy, and intense as hell. I mean, we’ve participated in 6 conferences this year, worked on 9 releases of our risk vulnerability management platform, and our red team services carried out extensive and successful projects with Banks, Online Gaming, Airlines, Governments, and more.

But the outcome of all that is so rewarding. It only placed the bar higher for us, which means we have a tough job for next year. We’re saying goodbye to 2023 with a major release. We’re pleased to welcome Faraday v.5.0.0. It represents a huge leap in performance for all of our users and customers. We’re euphoric about it and very thankful for the team that made it happen. We’re a top-tier product that keeps getting better. You can leave your feedback at Gartner and read more about other users’ opinions.

On the other hand, we’ve been nurturing our team building with several activities. We gathered our team from Italy, Colombia, and Argentina. We took some time out to stretch and learn some yoga techniques for relaxing and resetting after many hours of pentesting and programming. Very useful and easy to do. We even enjoyed a day with our kids helping them build a robot. It was amazing. Plus, we shared many special meals with the team. Meeting around food and drinks is a good idea to change the subject and get to know each other outside the (virtual) office.

The most meaningful was the one we had right after Ekoparty. After all the hard work, we went to a nice bar and mingled. And it was just as pleasant as our last one. We went to a rural retreat with a farm-like atmosphere and ate some asado. It was a refreshing break from the urban hustle for celebrating cybersecurity and the amazing team we have.

Last but not least, our team created a new open-source tool, “Emploleaks,” that helps security teams track leaked passwords from employees of businesses. It was presented at Black Hat, and it already has +410 stars. Additionally, our research team discovered two vulnerabilities: CVE-2023-34551 and CVE-2023-34552. You can read the development of this research right here. Lastly, it’s always a pleasure to listen to our CEO talk about his upbringing and his ideas around cybersecurity. So, give it up for Federico Kirschbaum in the Security Conversation podcast.

We’d like to thank all of our customers and users that support and believe in our product and our people. We’d like to raise a toast to all of you.

Thank you, and see you next year!