faradaysecBy faradaysec|November 15, 2023|2 Minutes

Release v4.6.2

We’re thrilled to introduce you to a series of enhancements designed to elevate your performance and take your team’s vulnerability management to the next level

Analytics Boost:

We’ve worked hard to enhance the overall view and functionalities of Analytics. Introducing a dropdown in the workspace selection for a vulnerability countdown. When selecting a workspace to generate a graph, we provide precise numbers when creating graphics. 

Additionally, we’ve added a new vulnerability graph by risk score, now featuring a scale and percentage for better visualization. Visualize your vulnerabilities by risk score in our ASPM tool that amplifies ther information of your security posture to make informed decisions. 

Flexibility in Asset Management:

We’ve introduced a new functionality that allows the movement of vulnerabilities between assets or services within a workspace, providing increased flexibility in vulnerability management. In Faraday platform, a vulnerability has to necessarily be linked with a specific asset. Now, you are able to move it from one asset to another.

User Role Configuration:

Our platform has many roles with different permissions. For users registered via SAML, we’ve introduced a new configuration allowing the assignment of permissions based on specific roles.

Enhanced Color Bar Representation:

In the assets section, we’ve improved the representation of the color bar located in the “import” column. The color bar now features a percentage breakdown, reflecting the severity of vulnerabilities. Users can switch between numerical and percentage values.

New customer field added for workspaces.

As requested by many users, you can now save the name of your customer in a workspace. Additionally, you can edit it and view this new field in the list of workspaces.

New Supported Scanner – CrowdStrike:

We’re excited to announce the integration of a new supported scanner – Crowdstrike. Users can now import Crowdstrike reports into Faraday, facilitating the upload of new vulnerabilities.

Performance Optimization:

We’ve significantly increased the platform’s speed to ensure seamless vulnerability management.

Don’t miss out on these enhancements – update now! We look forward to seeing you in the next version of Faraday.