Generate reports at any time

Generate reports

How to get started / Generate reports at any time

Every hour spent on building reports is lost time for finding and fixing vulnerabilities. To maximize your security resources and ease your work, Faraday lets you download clear, automatically generated reports. 

To do so, click on the report icon to open the report menu.

Next, click on the “create report” button located on the top right corner.

Select a name and title for your report.

Choose a report type

Our new version allows to group vulnerabilities in the report, for a more efficient presentation.

For our Professional and Corporate subscriptions, reports will be available in .docx format to increase flexibility by allowing for further edition after downloading.

Select your data

Next, the vulnerabilities you wish to be shown might be selected by fields or by assets. Choose the information to include with the filter menu.

Give your input

The report consists of an executive summary and a technical summary. 

The executive summary expects to contain the user’s overview on the presented vulnerabilities. It’s sections are expected to be user-inputed.

The technical summary is a detailed presentation on the data of each vulnerability. It is generated automatically, from information on vulnerabilities in the workspace. The information may be edited on the dashboard.

All information on selected vulnerabilities will show in the report. However, to improve readability, requests and responses are shown in an appendix.

Once ready, the report may be created by clicking on the “create” button on the top-right corner.

Check our documentation about "Downloading reports" and
"Build report template"

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