Faraday V4

Security for everyone.

We believe attack surface reduction and risk mitigation should be possible, simple and accessible to one and all.
Even if there is no security team.

Join us in this experience

    Completely new UI, a smarter organization with Custom Filters. Our biggest leap in performance and simplicity.
    Security for everyone, not just security experts.

    Increase your security

    According to the recently IBM's Data Breach 2020 report, more than 41% of data breaches started by targeting misconfigurations and 3rd-party software vulnerabilities.

    Give us a list of your IPs or URLs, we’ll take it from there

    Scan your website and get to work instantly

    Part of our enhanced setup process: create your project, invite your colleagues, automatically scan your assets and get to work as soon as possible.

    A clear view on the target ensures the arrow won’t miss

    Stay updated on where the real
    risks are

    Get both a quick glimpse and a detailed overview of your Assets: identify which have the most risk and therefore need faster action, see all vulnerabilities in them without changing views, assign them to specific Groups (soon!).

    Less clutter = more headspace

    Flow seamlessly through our improved interface

    Speed up your Vulnerability Management team: updated Vulnerability creation method, right click to make mass changes to your findings, create custom Filters to have all your information neatly organized.

    Don’t let all your hard work go unnoticed

    Revamped reporting capabilities

    From your instance to your client ASAP: generate a Report with all relevant information in PDF, see exactly what’s included in it before it’s created, keep a version control of all changes made to your Reports as you work.