Integrate and prioritize

Designed to optimize Vulnerability Management, Faraday normalizes, tracks, and identifies Assets and Vulnerability data coming from more than +150 integrations.

Penetration Testing Reporting

Actionable reporting and
Vulnerability templates

Every company has a different approach to reporting. Faraday provides a way for companies to export their data into their own compliance-ready formats.

Security Engineering/DevSecOps

Custom Workflows
and seamless Deduplication

Trigger any action with custom events built to avoid repetitive tasks. Import all your data and never worry about duplicates, as Faraday automatically identifies and merges duplicated issues.

Application Security / DevSecOps

Easily schedule
Agents and jobs

Agents are a lightweight, highly-scalable way to automate repetitive scheduled scans or triggered jobs that unnecessarily take up team resources.

Flexible Integrations

Jira, ServiceNow, 2nd Factor
Authentication (2FA) and LDAP

Synchronize your favorite ticketing systems (JIRA, ServiceNow) and integrate with your existing Direct Access Protocol (LDAP).


We are continuously adding new integrations based on customer requests.