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Release v5.2.0

Welcome to another great version of Faraday. This time, we introduce new methods to make your workflow even more seamless. Plus, we've added many other new agents and enhanced plugins to ensure you never have to leave our platform, effortlessly parsing data and incorporating it within our system.

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Release v5.1.1

For our corporate clients, we've upgraded our notification feature. Previously, you had a basic notification setup based only on the System, but now there's an “Advanced” notification in place. An easy-to-use system designed to keep you ahead of significant changes in your vulnerability status or to be notified when changes should be made to certain vulnerabilities. For instance, users can receive notifications when the vulnerability risk score exceeds the desired level or when critical vulnerabilities don't meet the SLA.

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Release v5.0.0

We understand that security is your top priority, and it is our obsession to protect all your digital assets and footprints. However, we recognize that time is equally valuable. It's with pride that we introduce a significant performance enhancement for our users.

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Release v4.6.2

We're thrilled to introduce you to a series of enhancements designed to elevate your performance and take your team's vulnerability management to the next level.

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Release v4.6.0

We are thrilled to introduce Faraday v4.6.0. In this release, we've significantly added improvements to our pipeline section performance and introduced new tools useful for DevOps and security professionals, helping them identify security and compliance issues within their code earlier in the development process.

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Release v4.5.2

We're delighted to present to you our newest release, version 4.5.0, along with essential updates 4.5.1 and 4.5.2. This update brings with it an array of compelling improvements, and performance boosts, that will enhance your experienc

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