faradaysecBy faradaysec|September 11, 2023|1 Minutes

A three-hour session about hacking by our CEO, Federico Kirschbaum

“What does it mean to be a hacker?” asks TheHackerStyle

“Hacker, for me, is more of a verb, a way of doing things. It’s a form of lateral thinking, improvisation, creativity, and believing that things have other options beyond what’s presented. It’s also what allows us to solve problems in an unforeseen or unconventional way.” says our CEO Federico Kirschbaum.

He and TheHackedStyle engaged in a three-hour conversation about hacking, anecdotes and all the things Federico is passionate about like cybersecurity and telecommunications.

“It’s true that cybersecurity is primarily something developed by governments and large, regulated companies. If these entities with vast resources, hefty budgets, and seniority still experience breaches, what’s left for the rest of us? (…) Whether it’s a company with 10,000 employees or one with just five, they both face exactly the same attack.”

Federico also talked about what it is like to be a CEO: “Leading as a CEO is a remarkable challenge. You’re not the one doing the work; you lead and set the mood, but the ultimate outcome can only be delivered by your team.”

Enjoy the full show.